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Alpine Insurance
Alpine Insurance Associates, Inc.

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Management Team:

Glen Gonfiantini, CIC, President

Chris Gonfiantini, CIC, Vice President 

Morre J. Hughes, CIC, Operations Manager


Sales Executives:

Colby H. Ballingham, Life and Health Producer

Marvin L. Cantor, Las Vegas

Ryan Garaventa, CIC

Glen Gonfiantini, CIC

Chris Gonfiantini, CIC

Travis J. Reed

Yvonne Rickman, CIC Carson City

Niki Hiott, Las Vegas


Marketing/New Business:

Theresa Ross, CISR - Reno/Las Vegas

Brooke Clemens - Reno/Las Vegas Small Business


Commercial Lines Account Managers and Account Assistants:


Tia Busheé, CISR, CPSR

Raelene Turner

Angie Brown , CISR

Andrea Cotton

Gabriella Durante

Kenya Barisone-Agostino

Sarah Fonseca


Carson City

Linda Fisher

Sylvia Forsythe, CIC

Sheree Clark, CISR


Personal Lines Account Manager:

Cynthia Kress, CIC

Sheree Clark, CISR

Office Assistant:

Karen Hunt


Employee Benefits Customer Service Agent:

Colby H. Ballingham, Life and Health Producer



Linda Mellis

Nixie Hyslop ,CISR


Human Resources and Licensing:

Morre J. Hughes, CIC

Nixie Hyslop, CISR

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